Do You Need a CT Guard Card to Obtain a CT Blue Card?

Security guards work in a variety of industries with a variety of job requirements and functions. Many people seek a career in armed security but the process to obtaining a Blue Card, the required permit for an armed security officer, isn’t always as clear. A common inquiry that LJB Security receives is: “How do I […]


LJB Security Adds Job Postings to Website

LJB Security Training & Consulting is the number one issuer in the state for Connecticut guard cards. LJB Security Training is a security guard training company that is committed to providing their students and alumni with not only the leading and most up-to-date trainings available but also helping them secure work and further their careers. […]

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Finding Security Jobs in Connecticut is Easier than Ever

LJB Security Training is always looking to improve the experience and lives of our current and former students. Our goal is to get our students trained and ready for a career in the security field. We offer a complete security officer job training package for both those that are just beginning their career as a […]

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LJB Security Training Provides Veterans with Career Training and Guidance

LJB Security Training LLC, is committed to providing people with the skills they need and the resources necessary to move forward on their career path by supplying the best training available for Uniformed Security Guard Licenses. It is with this in mind that we are letting a section of our population, those that have served […]

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About the New 2015 Guard Certification Requirements

Get your certification before this October and be prepared for upcoming changes! There is currently legislation up for vote in the Connecticut State legislature that will enhance existing law from 2008 to make certification requirements for security officers much stricter than they are today. We believe that this legislation will pass; we welcome the new […]

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New LJB Article on the “Knockout Game”

LJB’s concern with security issues goes beyond the private security industry and includes state- and nation-wide crime trends, safety, weapons and more. Our latest security-related article has to do with the nationwide emergence of the “knockout game,” where gangs of teens allegedly roam cities and attack random people. “Wilding,” i.e. attacks on passersby committed by […]

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A Humorous Approach to Campus Security

Campus security at colleges is usually not the coolest or most conspicuous part of the experience – it’s something that causes students either mild gratitude (when campus cops help them back into the building when they lock themselves out) or mild annoyance (when loud parties or drinking get shut down). The Police Department at the […]


Our Article on Hold-Down Policing at New Haven Clubs

We have recently written an article on content distribution service EzineArticles that briefly explains the practice of “hold-down” policing in New Haven, its cancellation in 2010 and attempts to revive the program. The practice originally involved a policing arrangement between the city and resident businesses (notably night-life establishments, though rental companies that own property in […]


Our New Article On Non-Metallic Knives

We regularly write and release informational materials for the benefit of CT security officers and others interested in security issues. Our latest article talks about knives made of Grivory, a non-metallic material that has been used instead of metal to manufacture car parts and, recently, knives. While it’s mostly used to make handles, there are […]


CTGuardCards Press Release About Identifying Suspects

Our partner domain CT Guard Cards has been publishing useful articles and informational materials for security guards; recently, we have concentrated on various ways for a security officer to train the ability to offer a quick and accurate description of a criminal suspect to law enforcement, and how to serve as a legal witness while […]