New LJB Article on the “Knockout Game”

LJB’s concern with security issues goes beyond the private security industry and includes state- and nation-wide crime trends, safety, weapons and more. Our latest security-related article has to do with the nationwide emergence of the “knockout game,” where gangs of teens allegedly roam cities and attack random people. “Wilding,” i.e. attacks on passersby committed by […]

By Andrew Sz | CT security issues . News

Weird News: CT School Guard Misrepresents Service History

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, a frightened and aggrieved state of Connecticut was grateful to Craig Pusley, a self-described veteran who volunteered to guard an elementary school from attacks. Pusley claimed to be a USMC sergeant and reservist who had served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 25-year-old showed up […]

By Andrew Sz | News