Do You Need a CT Guard Card to Obtain a CT Blue Card?

Security guards work in a variety of industries with a variety of job requirements and functions. Many people seek a career in armed security but the process to obtaining a Blue Card, the required permit for an armed security officer, isn’t always as clear. A common inquiry that LJB Security receives is:

“How do I get a Blue card and am I required to first obtain a CT Guard Card in order to obtain a Blue Card, or can I just skip straight to the Blue Card.”

The short answer to this question is no, it’s not possible to be issued a Blue Card from the state of Connecticut without first getting a CT Guard Card. In fact, the process of getting a Blue Card is far more involved than the process of obtaining the Guard Card. There are several steps that must be taken before even signing up for the Blue Card class. If you’re looking to become a licensed and certified armed security guard, the following steps and certifications are what you will need to secure a Blue Card.

  1. Obtain a CT Guard Card
  2. Obtain a pistol permit
  3. Find a job as an armed security guard and be assigned a weapon
  4. Obtain a permit to carry pistol while working (Blue Card)

In order to become a certified armed security guard- as with anything- starting with the basics is always best. Never put the cart before the horse! In this case, it means beginning with the CT Guard Card and progressing through the rest of the process. You can sign up online for our CT Guard Card class to get you started on your chosen career path. Once you have attended our class you’re only a few short steps away from becoming an armed security guard.

Pistol permits are a necessity before even applying for an armed security position, your future employer isn’t obligated to help you get your pistol permit. LJB Security does offer a pistol permit class along with our other trainings. If you are interested in a pistol permit you can sign up through the website or give us a call at 203-907-6594.

Once you’ve secured your CT Guard Card and pistol permit you need to find an armed security officer job. We’ve been asked how getting an armed security position before being a licensed armed security guard is possible, and it’s a very good question. The reason is that the Blue Card is issued for a specific weapon that is determined by the employer. When you obtain a Blue Card it is only good for the specific weapon assigned to you by your employer and does not cover any other pistols or firearms. Once you’ve gotten a job and been assigned a weapon by your new employer it’s time to sign up for and take the Blue Card class and start your new career.