BLS BASIC LIFE SAVER CPR & First Aid AED American Heart Association Friday October 30th

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October 30, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – October 31, 2020 @ 10:00 pm
LJB Security Training LLC
58 Renshaw Drive
East Haven
CT 06512
Louis Bonito

This certification is for Adult, Child and Infant certifications all at once.


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What you get

Certification from American Heart Association for BLS Adult, Child & Infant CPR/First Aid/AED

The BLS First-aid/CPR/AED class covers the following topics: bleeding control, seizures, epi pen use, allergic reactions, snake bites, broken bones, poisoning, CPR for adults, children, and infants, choke-saving, how to use an AED (automated external defibrillators), and other life threatening emergencies.

This course is for renewing, rectification or initial student and is considered a basic first-aid class.
There are not any official lunch breaks in this course but there will be breaks on the hour.

Course name: BLS Basic Life Saver CPR
Course length: 4 hours
Class price: $175 (Hit the “Pay Now” button to register and pay)
Certification: American Heart Association
Card: Valid for 2 years, receive card via mail after class
Location: 58 Renshaw Drive East Haven, CT 06512

Who should take this CPR & first-aid class
Nurses, Doctors, EMTs, Paramedics, anyone in the Healthcare field, Teachers, summer camp counselors, coaches, foster care, social workers, maritime (US Coast Guard approved) nannies, parents, grandparents, babysitters (ten years or older), construction, acupuncture students, general workplace.


You can register and pay for the training right here online. Just hit the “Pay Now” button to register.

About Us – Trust
I’ve been certified to teach CPR and First Aid since 2007. I take this responsibility seriously. I fully understand that you may not only need these life saving skills at work, but you may also need them at home to protect and save a loved one…and that’s what this is all about…FAMILY FIRST!!!

Compare Us With Other CPR/First-aid Companies everywhere.

Us: AHA CPR/First-aid Trainer.

Others: Beware of uncertified CPR/first-aid classes

Wear comfortable clothes and remove lipstick and lip gloss before practicing on the CPR manikins. If you have back or knee problems, tell your instructor, and you can practice on a table. Children and non-participants are not allowed in the classroom. Our AHA instructors are friendly, experienced, and professional and I am sure you will have a fun and stress-free CPR training class. You are required to have the current textbook for this course. If you already own one or have access to one before, during, and after the class, you do not need to purchase one here. The book  will be supplied on the day of the class. 

Warning About Online CPR & First-aid Classes
There are a few websites where you can enter in your name, pay $50, and then print out an online CPR & first-aid card – all within 5 minutes. This type of fake online CPR/first-aid card is well known by your employer and is not accepted for any type of job requirement.

Warn your friends and coworkers about this internet scam.


Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

                                                                                                          Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


  • Actual Training!  No sitting around, no sharing manikins, no wasted time.
  • Real, academically trained teachers, turbo charged classes!  Clear, easy, powerful instruction for optimum learning experience.
  • Certification card in your hand as soon as you pass the requirements at our facility! 


58 Renshaw Dr. East Haven, CT 06512
(203) 907-6594


Please click a course type to start the enrollment process or to view course descriptions and available times.

AHA BLS Healthcare Provider Cert/Re-Cert (New Book + Classroom Session at our School) Entire Thing Done in The Classroom $125


Details:  We include the New AHA BLS Text Book with this New course for you to take home!   After April 15th of last year, AHA made the new text book mandatory and old version of the text book become invalid – Anywhere you go!  So now you can rightfully ask, “Hey are you guys giving me the new textbook or what?  If not, “What’s up with that?” to who everteaches your BLS class out there.

What all this means to you the consumer:  Books change, when rules for doing CPR changes.  Wherever you go for your BLS class, if they are not giving you the Newly Released Brand Spanking New Book, since you could not have used their time machine to get a text book during a future class and bring it back in time…Without the brand new book in your hand;  Pretty much what ever you hear from people that teach your class becomes a lame duck, cheapskate, hide behind mom, excuse not to give you a book, so they don’t have worry about spending a dime on inventory.  We think you deserve better!  We have been carrying the new book since it came out and forking out thousands in AHA inventory to help everybody out, now we simply give the book to our students to take home.  New book is in short supply locally, mom and pop shops around the corner don’t carry it.  Plus, test speaks like the book, so good luck passing the test without the Book.  You can use your book next time you take a class too, until the better book comes out in the future.  The book is mandatory, although the cheap sushi man out there may try to convince you otherwise.  You can eat cheap sushi and give yourself and your boss tummy ache or you can simply take an awesome class from us that comes with the book.


This particular BLS course you are looking at is taught entirely by a human, using human talent, human ability to teach, while utilizing approved audio visuals and  teaching materials.  Nothing to do online.  All parts of the course is done in our Training Center.  You walk out with a BLS card upon passing all the requirements and tests.  We have taught thousands of BLS classes in Hawaii and made a significant positive impact on people’s lives and livelihoods here.  We are academically trained educators with decades of real teaching experience, that’s kind a like holding up a big sign and saying:



BLS- What it is & What it is not:
BLS knowledge is a pre-requisite for ACLS. In most cases, BLS is the required CPR Certification for Healthcare Facilities, Clinics, Hospitals, Nursing Schools, Medical Residencies and EMT Schools.  Generally intended for physicians, nurses, rad. techs, nursing, med students, dentists, pharmacists, anyone needing certification for Hospital Jobs.  If your job asked for a ” First Aid, CPR & AED card,” this is NOT it! BLS does not have First Aid in it, it is a CPR class for Healthcare Providers.  If you are not sure which card you are required to get for your job, please call your boss and find out so we can get you into the right class!


BLS Class Contents:
Newest Updated Science Guidelines.  Chain of survival.  Adult, Child, Infant CPR, Two Men Rescue, Barrier Devices (Including Ambu Bags), Adult/Child AED, Choking Scenarios, etc.
Delivery Format:
AHA watch and practice videos. Instructor led, hands on format for skills proficiency testing.  AHA multiple choice exam.

Certification Card:
American Heart Association BLS Provider Card issued upon finishing this course and passing the requirements – On the same day!. Card is good for two years.

Card Updates:

We issue the Newest BLS Cards.  Here is the Memo from AHA on what the new cards look like.  You are getting the Newest Card to show your boss, getting the Newest Book to take home and learning the Newest Stuff. Hope you like it all.

This course is conducted in our Classroom 1.

if you have further questions feel free to call and ask.

This is a traditional classroom course, everything is done in the classroom.  If you would like AHA to get more on educational material used for this course when we buy it from the Authorized Distributors.

We are sorry, but the class is either currently full or not in session for this date!

Please contact 203-907-6594
for more information on registering for this class,
or try registering for another upcoming class.