Report Writing for Managers Training Seminar

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March 22, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
LJB Security Training LLC
58 Renshaw Drive
East Haven
CT 06512
Louis Bonito

Report Writing for Managers Training Seminar

In most states, including Connecticut it is responsibility of the Security Supervisor or Manager to instruct security officers under their employ on report writing. This Report Writing Training Program teaches your security officers how to write a report narrative, techniques for taking notes in the field and the importance of writing comprehensive reports. The Program includes the instructor’s manual with both report training Report Writing and Writing Reports. Although the names are similar each video approaches writing reports with different points of view.

Location: 58 Renshaw Drive East Haven, CT 06512

Tuition cost: $200

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Report Writing 1 & 2

10 Question test and answer key

Report writing is an essential responsibility for all security officers. It is also the most difficult. To ease this difficulty, LJB Security Training and Consulting offers this easy-to-understand training lesson plan. This training session not only explains the purpose of report writing but it also has action that highlights the instructor as he teaches.
This report writing training session includes but is not limited to:

o    The purpose of report writing

o    Accountability in reports

o    Daily log, incident reports, and more

o    Making a report narration

o    The who, what, where, when and why of report writing

o    Understanding military time

o    Keeping reports clear, concise and complete

o    Setting up and using a notebook


o    Making copies of reports

o    Reports and litigation

o    Reports reduce liability

o    Reporting malfunctions on posts

o    Reporting defective company equipment

o    Reading reports

o    The chain of custody

o   And more …


Writing Reports Training Session

10 Question test and answer key, The Writing Report lesson plan is the counterpart to the Report Writing lesson plan. This session’s focus on the techniques needed to write clear and straightforward reports. It gives the security officer guidelines to reduce entering repetitive information. This session comes with a sample templates of over 30 assorted sample reports that can be printed out over and over. Issue all or some of them to your security officers to use in the field as outline samples. This following is a partial list of the topics covered in this session. There is also a list of some types of reports in the Writing Reports Outline Samples template.


·        Analyzing a Report

·        Report Composure

·        Taking Notes

·        Straightforward Reports

·        Report Requirements

·        And More…

·        Sample Report Categories

·        Vehicle Theft

·        Lost Property

·        Juvenile Contact

·        Indecent Exposure

·        Arson

·        Prowler


•                   Child Endangerment

•                   Robbery

•                   Illegal Dumping

•                   False Report

•                   Assault with a deadly weapon

•                   Suspicious Person

•                   Accident / Medical

•                   Police Assistance

•                   Employee theft

•                   Burglary

•                   And more…


Course Description

LJB Security Training & Consulting has conducted a multitude of training for security companies, corporations, and small businesses. Now it is easier than ever to provide accurate, up-to-date OSHA training for your employees. LJB Security Training & Consulting is a leader in providing OSHA-based training which will help you meet OSHA requirements and help create a safer, more productive workplace for your employees. 

Each training program comes with a variety of printable materials specific to that topic. These files include the following items: program outline, employee quiz and answer key, pertinent OSHA regulation(s), site-specific information, training certificate, & Pocket Card for writing reports. 

  • Report Writing Manual
  • Topical Training Outline
  • Employee Quiz & Trainer Answer Key
  • Completion Certificate
  • Reports

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