Getting Trained as a Security Manager in CT

We offer Security Guard Training Discounts to our students for various bundle packages to help save you lots of money.  If you are looking to get into the private security industry the more certifications and training you have on your resume, the more marketable you are for companies hiring today. 

The security industry in Connecticut is one of the biggest industries and has plenty of job opportunities for those seeking employment. At our security officer training school, we provide the training and security fundamentals necessary to become a security professional.  We offer the best job training programs for security officers and actually have security companies hiring directly from our classes. 

There is a reason why so many security companies choose LJB Security Training and Consulting as their security training provider; because our training courses are the best in the industry bar NONE!!

I will show you how to present your resume and stack it with these classes and certifications plus some free ones online offered by the US Department of Homeland Security. We offer any certification you will ever need to get any job or any promotion in Connecticut. 

If you are looking to spark your career, we offer a Security Management Package for just $399-3 days / 24 hours worth classes. This package is designed to provide the training you need to become a supervisor or manager.

Our security bundles are the perfect opportunity at a greatly discounted rate. Take these classes and be ready to launch your career and climb the ladder of security and law enforcement. By gaining knowledge through our programs, you will have all of the tools you need to climb the ladder of success. In addition, you will be much more prepared for a career in law enforcement if that is your intent.