Introducing Our New Security Manager / Supervisor / Certification Program

LJB Security Training and Consulting is very proud and excited to announce the unveiling of our Security Manager / Supervisor Certification Program. It is a 3-day 24-hour certification training program now being offered by LJB Security Training and Consulting. This Career-Boosting training package is available as our introductory rate of $999!

To prepare yourself for a supervisor or manager role, you will need these 5 courses:

      • Security Manager / Supervisor Certification Seminar (8 hours)
      • Facility Emergency Management (4 hours)
      • Report Writing for Managers (4 hours)
      • Incident – Accident Investigation for Managers (4 hours)
    • De-escalation – Communication – Conversation Seminar (4 hours)

These courses can be taken together at the package rate of $999 or can be taken individually, check our calendar for upcoming dates. This new program package deal is being launched on March 10th, 2019!

These courses were chosen by me personally (Lou Bonito) and will all be taught by me. I believe these 5 courses will form an excellent foundation for officers who aspire to be managers or newly hired managers and supervisors. Security companies can send their managers here to get a thorough and expedient 3-day training program that will bolster their effectiveness as supervisors and managers.

Who This Is For

This course is designed for people currently in the security business and for newer student who have completed my basic programs and aspire to be a manager. This course will be invaluable to newly hired security managers, or anyone who is considering security as a career beyond the entry level.

This program will be a great match for those who do not wish to attend college, are simply changing careers, or for anyone who wants to learn how to be a security manager quickly. So here’s a little about each class:

Security Manager / Supervisor Seminar

As you know, without the proper supervision of your security officers your contracts are in jeopardy. All security officers need to be knowledgeable of their duties on the various assignments. This can only be accomplished through post orientation by well-informed supervisors with basic supervision qualities. This training program gives your managers and supervisors an edge over other company supervisors. The program consists of Intro to Security, Basic Supervision training, Post Orientation training, and Public Relations.

The Supervisor Training Program is an inclusive program ideal for security managers/supervisors for any security organization.

Unique and flexible, our Security Supervision and Management course is designed to meet the needs of the security manager and supervisor. Candidates accepted into the program must successfully complete all course material and a certification exam.

Each potential manager/supervisor will be provided with a field training manual as well. The field training manual will get you through the rough beginning transition from officer to manager or supervisor and serve as a reference for all future security endeavors. This manual is renowned in the industry as one of the leading security manager/supervisor field training manuals. It will serve not only as an excellent source of information for the course but also as a valuable reference tool. It is even an excellent text for upper-level courses in Security Management, Homeland Security and similar disciplines.

Facility Emergency Management

This training helps individuals and organizations in developing and managing Facility Emergency Plans for preparedness and resilience.

Who should sign up? Individuals, security officers, managers, employees, schools, malls, places of business, hospitals… basically anywhere that security is of concern or individuals who want to be considered for management.

This certification is for Security or Management.

What you get: Certification Facility Emergency Management, Development, and Implementation of an Incident Emergency Command and Emergency Plan

Facility Emergency Management training is designed to help small and medium-sized organizations create facility action plans and institute emergency procedures and comply with FEMA’s PS-Prep initiative – the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program.

The purpose of PS-Prep is to ensure that the private sector is able to prepare for and recover from major disruptive incidents, thereby promoting national resilience and security. In an organization, the Emergency Manager is responsible for protecting those within the facility, whether they are security officers, security managers, students, employees, patients, customers or visitors. Knowing what to do when faced with an emergency can mean the difference between life or death. This program will help facilities develop and maintain an emergency plan to be used in incidents of all sizes, whether inside or outside of the facility.

Report Writing for Managers Training Seminar

In most states, including Connecticut, it is the responsibility of the Security Supervisor or Manager to instruct security officers under their employ on report writing. This Report Writing Training Program teaches your security officers how to write a report narrative, techniques for taking notes in the field and the importance of writing comprehensive reports. The Program includes the instructor’s manual with Report Training, Report Writing, and Writing Reports. Although the names are similar, each video approaches writing reports with different points of view.

Report writing is an essential responsibility for all security officers. It is also the most difficult. To ease this difficulty, LJB Security Training and Consulting offers this easy-to-understand training lesson plan. This training session not only explains the purpose of report writing but also has an action that highlights the instructor as he teaches.

Writing Reports Training Session

10 Question test and answer key, The Writing Report lesson plan is the counterpart to the Report Writing lesson plan. This session’s focus on the techniques needed to write clear and straightforward reports. It gives the security officer guidelines to reduce entering repetitive information. This session comes with sample templates of over 30 assorted sample reports that can be printed out over and over. Issue all or some of them to your security officers to use in the field as outline samples.

Incident – Accident Investigation Seminar for Managers

Every day someone is injured on a job, becomes ill from a work-related hazard or is fatally wounded while at work. Many times these situations are attributed to and called an unfortunate “accident.” The reality is most, if not all, workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths can be avoided by providing a true safety culture.

While they may be unplanned and unwanted, accidents are generally not unavoidable.

Program includes:

    • 16-page booklet – an excellent resource to complement our training program, and addresses the following areas:
    • Accident or incident
    • Reasons for investigating
    • Root cause analysis
    • Steps of the investigation
    • Investigation kit
    • Interviewing employees
  • Determining root cause and corrections

De-escalation – Communication – Conversation Seminar

This is an advanced De-escalation and communication seminar. The objectives of this seminar will be to teach you the unspoken rules of oral communication and make you aware of nonverbal communication. The nonverbal communication include: gestures, stance, eye movement, facial expressions, demeanor, inflections, and attitude which communicate our true innermost thoughts. Sometimes what you are saying non verbally conflicts with what you’re saying verbally. With the awareness that 90% of all communication is nonverbal, we can somewhat control our actions and behaviors to make them more in sync with our verbal communication. By learning the unspoken rules of communication, you will be able to communicate more effectively. This allows you to have less stress and conflict in personal relationships, foster new friendships and relationships, drum up new business/ networks, be able to successfully get your point across by allowing the person you’re conversing with (conversation partner or CP) to convey their complete thought without interruption. This will enable you to to get the same in return, thereby allowing the complete message from both sides to be conveyed. A compromise will be reached so that you and your CP will both win important points of the conversation and everyone walks away happy.

I hope to see you all in my programs. If you have any questions you can simply call Lou at 203-907-6594.

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