Guard Card Application Paperwork

Guard Card Application Paperwork


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Product Description

We will get your application together for you.

We will take all the worry and the hassle out of applying for a CT Guard Card.
It’s quicker and easier!!!
For a one-time fee of $80 we will organize and inspect all of your paperwork making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.
We will make sure everything is filled out correctly and properly and make sure ALL the necessary paperwork is included in the envelope.
If you want me to do it the day of the class you’ll need a $100 money order for your State application fee and a M/C or Visa with $92 for your State background checks that I will pay online for you.

To reiterate: the $100 State Application fee and $92 State background check fee are charges you need to pay to the State of Connecticut; these are in addition to, and do not include the $80 fee that we charge for taking care of all the paperwork and submissions.

The only thing you’ll have to do is to stop by FedEx and send it off to the State Police.
We’ll provide the envelope and make sure ALL of your paperwork is organized and in good working order.
Take the hassle and worry completely out of the application process by having us organize and prepare your application and paperwork for you for a one-time processing fee of $80.