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Take a Certified LJB Security Training Class Before Pistol Permit License Costs Quadruple

With the cost of pistol permits poised to quadruple from $70 to $360, now is the best time to sign up for the CT Pistol Permit Carry Certification course offered by LJB Security. Register to get your pistol permit before these rate hikes take effect.   Read the full article on Pistol Permit rate increases […]

By Andrew Sz | Press Releases

New LJB Article on the “Knockout Game”

LJB’s concern with security issues goes beyond the private security industry and includes state- and nation-wide crime trends, safety, weapons and more. Our latest security-related article has to do with the nationwide emergence of the “knockout game,” where gangs of teens allegedly roam cities and attack random people. “Wilding,” i.e. attacks on passersby committed by […]

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New LJB Article Discusses Suspect Identification

A new article by LJB Security Training on EzineArticles.com discusses eyewitness testimony and its importance for security officers. Security guards are the individuals who are most likely to be the first to intercept criminals or troublemakers at their site, but most guards aren’t equipped to use nearly as much force as a police officer. This […]


LJB Publishes Press Release Announcing Informational Articles

LJB Security Training has issued a press release on a number of distribution services, announcing the publication of two informational articles on topics related to security guard work and training. The press release talks about the article that we wrote and recently published on an online content directory, which explains the process that Connecticut candidates […]