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CT Security Training Course

This is a “one” day course!! That’s right…you can get certified in just one day to receive your Connecticut Uniformed Security Officer / Guard / CT security license. We help prepare you to work!!

   $100 course fee includes:

  • Complimentary Snacks
  • Complimentary Drinks
  • Entire 8-hour Course
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • A Listing of a large Number of Jobs & Employers  in Connecticut!!!
  • Checklist to Receive your Official License!

The required state of Connecticut mandated training course. The lesson plan provided by LJB Security Training has been approved by the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection. Upon successful completion of this security training course the security officer / guard is issued a training certificate. We will show you where the jobs are and tell you how to get them!!!

This certificate must accompany the security officer / guard along with a driver’s license or state ID and papers of naturalization if applicable when submitted to the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. Once the application is submitted, all fees are paid, and you receive your security officer/ guard license or (CT guard card) the security officer / guard is now ready, able and well prepared for the exciting security field in Connecticut.

You are now qualified to work as a Uniformed Security Officer / Guard for any licensed employer in the state of Connecticut. LJB Security Training and you, together will make it possible for you to succeed in this tough work environment.

At LJB Security Training we encourage you to call us any time before or after course completion. We will be happy to take your call to simply see how you are doing or to assist you in obtaining or maintaining your goal of entering the exciting world of private security. We want you to succeed and will assist you in obtaining your goals. We specialize in keeping it real and preparing you for the work force. Together we make it happen.

LJB Security Training

In 2004 Connecticut passed a law mandating the training & licensing of Uniformed Security Officers.

The Act also requires that all private security training must be approved and that all private security trainers be certified by The Department
of Emergency Services & Public Protection.

The lesson plan provided by LJB Security Training is approved by The Dept of Emergency Services & Public Protection who is also responsible for the licensing and registration of all security officers and private security Instructors.

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Security Officer License Opens Doors

  • Private Security Employs more than all law enforcement combined.
  • Private Security is more than 1 percent of the US gross national product and is growing at a staggering rate. The US Government predicts it will grow 18.8 percent by 2020 or 200,000 new security industry jobs.
  • Security Officer Positions can lead to other lucrative and exciting occupations as well like Corrections Officer, Police and Detectives, Private Investigator, and Gaming Service