New Classes & Website for CT

Here at LJB Security Training, we will be launching the new website and we will soon be starting 2 new courses. These exciting new courses will further your learning in defense and security, to help get you more qualified for jobs in the security field. Our two new courses being offered are Use of Force & Law and Pepper Spray Certification for Citizens.


1. Use of Force & the Law

This course is designed for those who have purchased a firearm for protection. We will go over the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Use of Force Model, which describes everything from the escalation/de-escalation of physical force and the 5th Amendment to the aftermath of the confrontation.


We will also go over the 4 stages of force:


  • No force – Verbal commands, person is non-aggressive and compliant
  • Moderate/Limited Force – Physical holds, OC spray due to person resisting
  • Less Lethal Force – Electronic weapon or ASP/Baton due to aggressive behavior likely to injure others
  • Deadly Force – Use of Firearm due to the belief that person is threatening someone’s life or serious bodily injury


Often times, people are provided with false information on these topics, which will get them into legal trouble. The goal in each situation is to use the minimum amount of force to reduce an immediate threat. With this course, we will help you to understand the law and use of physical force.


Click here to register for the Use of Force & Law Course.


2. Pepper Spray for Citizens

This 4-hour course is for those who want to use pepper spray as a use of non-lethal force to ensure the safety of themselves and others around them. You will be provided with all the information that you need to know for the legal use of pepper spray as a safety mechanism, so you do not find yourself in legal trouble. You will learn everything you need to know about safely using pepper spray from how to maintain and store pepper spray to how to properly use of pepper spray and use of force as a private citizen. With this knowledge, you will be able to know when you can use pepper spray without running into the wrong side of the law.


Click here to register for the Pepper Spray Certification Course for Citizens


If you are interested in beginning any of these courses, contact LJB Security Training and Consulting today! You will be able to learn everything you need to know for both the use of force & the law and pepper spray usage. When you know the laws regarding these two methods you will be able to keep yourself safe and out of legal trouble.


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