The objectives of this seminar will be to teach you the unspoken rules of oral communication and make you aware of how your nonverbal communication, such as gestures, stance, eye movement, facial expressions, demeanor, inflections, and attitude communicate our true inner most thoughts so that sometimes what you are saying non verbally conflicts with what you’re saying verbally and since 90% of all communication is nonverbal we need to be aware of that so we can somewhat control our actions and behaviors to make them more in sync with our verbal communication. By learning the unspoken rules of communication you will be able to communicate more effectively enabling you to have less stress and conflict in personal relationships, foster new friendships and relationships, drum up new business and networks, be able to successfully get your point across by allowing the person you’re conversing with (conversation partner or CP) to convey their complete thought without interruption, enabling you to be able to get the same in return therefore allowing a complete unadulterated thought process on both sides to be conveyed and reaching a compromise so that you and your CP will both win important points of the conversation so that everyone walks away happy.