LJB Security Training and Consulting is the only agency in CT that specializes in all levels of Nightclub and Bar Protection.

This 2-day seminar covers dozens of important points for night club and bar security, including:

  • Doorman rights
  • Human behavior
  • Arrest
  • Incident logs
  • Club law
  • Use of force law
  • Media

and many more.

Nightclub Security / Bouncer Certification Seminar (1-2 Days) 1st day $149 2nd day $100 @ LJB Security Training LLC
May 3 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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LJB Security Training and Consulting is the only agency in CT that specializes in all levels of Nightclub and Bar Protection.

***LJB Security Training and Consulting offers onsite training as well for Nightclub Security, Bouncers, Owners, and Bar Staff-Call for Pricing (the higher # we train…the better discount price you get!!!)***

***Spotting services also offered by LJB Security Training and Consulting-call for pricing***

This is a 1-2-day program. (Next course being offered Monday 1/13/20 & Tuesday 1/14/20 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) 

Day 1: Classroom theory and curriculum

Day 2: Practical hands on material

***Day 2 is a physical day and any physical limitations you have should be made known to the instructors for your safety and everyone else’s safety***

Certification is good for 2 years with one refresher allowed

LJB Security Training and Consulting, is an organization that offers our clients and students, only the best in training and site staffing.  We have access to up to date resources for business owners, managers, educators and students,  and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the nightclub/bar security training and policy choices facing the bar/club owners, Managers, Security Supervisors and Security staff in today’s world.
Today LJB Security Training and Consulting is one of the largest privately held nightclub training companies in the nation offering a curriculum of over one hundred topics of academy quality nightclub training programs throughout the Connecticut / NY / & New England by open registration, in service and co-hosted programs. LJB Security Training and Consulting instructors bring years of hands on experience in their area of expertise and instructional fields.
Each course provides the attendee with a complete learning environment: an expert instructor, student manual and multimedia materials. We have appropriate student manuals and PowerPoint® presentations. Each course contains objectives, motivation for involvement, learning objectives and a course agenda that defines the learning skills each attendee will receive.

All employees are trained in the following areas:  ( This only covers the basics. There are over 125 areas to cover)

 Direct Supervision

  1. Drug ID
  2. Principles of Protection
  3. CPR, First Aid and AED
  4. Electronic Security
  5. Human Behavior
  6. Electronic Devices
  7. Statement Taking
  8. Cultural Awareness
  9. Classes of Crimes
  10. Doorman Rights
  11. Loitering
  12. Handling Difficult Situations
  13. Client Relations
  14. Arrest
  15. Incident Logs
  16. Shift Logs
  17. Armed Security
  18. Club Law
  19. Use of Force Law
  20. Noise Exposure
  21. Unacceptable Conduct
  22. Media Relation
  23. Fire Relation
  24. ID Check
  25. Use of Alcohol Levels
  26. Basic Bartending
  27. Anger Control
  28. Alcohol Shutdown
  29. LCB Rules and Regulations
  30. Liabilities
  31. Crowd Control

The training program has been taught in several formats and can be tailored to fit your business. Training is at 58 Renshaw Drive East Haven, CT 06512 or can be on site at your location.

The biggest problem we face in nightclub security is the serious lack of education/training. Today nightclubs, as a last resort, are hiring off-duty police and bikers to work their clubs. This is a serious mistake. Over 95% of all the lawsuits filed against nightclubs and bars today are a result of incompetent or over-excessive security personal. Remember nightclub protection is a serious business!!!!!

We are the best at what we do!!!

The cost is $149 per student For the first day.

Bring $100 cash per student For the second day (Hands-on day)

Location: 58 Renshaw Dr East Haven, Ct 06512.


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