Finding Security Jobs in Connecticut is Easier than Ever

LJB Security Training is always looking to improve the experience and lives of our current and former students. Our goal is to get our students trained and ready for a career in the security field. We offer a complete security officer job training package for both those that are just beginning their career as a security office and those that are looking to improve their skills and knowledge, offering CT security guard license classes, CPR & First Aid training, handcuff certification and a variety of other classes and trainings, all of which can be found on our schedule page. If you are in need of a CT Guard Card or any other trainings for your career we have a variety of class times and schedules, you get to pick the day and time that works best for you and your schedule.

LJB Security Training has a sterling reputation amongst companies that both hire new and experienced security officers as well as those companies looking to train their security teams. Security companies hire right out of our class. Get trained and then get straight to work in a variety of CT guard card jobs for an array of different companies. Once you have your guard card there are a variety of opportunities and jobs available to you. In order to help facilitate and streamline our students transition into the security workforce, LJB Security Training has added a new page to the website that has listings for security officer jobs in CT. This new page covers both entry level positions for those that take our class for their CT security guard license and more experienced positions targeting professionals that have been working in the security industry for some time. You can find our new jobs page as well as all of the classes that we offer in one convenient location right here.

LJB Security Training is committed to the safety of others and the success of our students. We are always looking for ways to improve our students’ experiences and help them land the jobs that they want. Our new job search page for security officer jobs in CT does just that. You can search for specific job titles or types as well as by location in order to find the perfect security officer job for you and your career plan. In addition to job listings, our new page also shows all the classes that LJB Security Training is also offering so you can ensure that your skills and certifications align with any job requirements. Check out our new CT guard card jobs page and land the job that’s right for you.